Celia K e t t l e


Celia Kettle’s abstract paintings center on the motif of a circle, symbolising a world of disintegrating planets and teeming oceans. Her unique technique involves repurposing used canvases, infusing them with texture and allowing diluted washes of watercolor and acrylic paint to flow and settle.

Her affinity for utilising found materials began during her time as an art student at Middlesex University in London. She gained recognition when she deconstructed a discarded object from refuse, which was later showcased at the National Gallery.
While pursuing her studies at the University of Valencia, she received an award to exhibit her sculpture “Llocs Llures” in Javea.
Celia draws inspiration from artists like Eva Hesse, Anslem Kiefer, and Anish Kapoor, aligning her work with the multidisciplinary exploration of materials to convey a deeply personal and spiritual perspective.

“In a moment of realisation I suddenly became aware of a new way of seeing. My return to creating art after a period away meant that I had found a new sense of purpose. What was central to my creativity was my inner world of feelings. However, now I had a stronger awareness of changes in the world around me.
The metaphor of the sea, the clouds, the Earth communicates the intensity of an emotion. I tell the story of a circle that is an individual, it’s the Earth, and it’s also myself. The line that draws its border defines its boundaries. Keeping within the lines is something I find hard to do, all too easily emotions can spill out as does the paint when it overflows”.

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