Geanina Miler – Bio – Exhibitions


Self-taught painter
Philology, history studies – Romania
Master in project management and cultural spaces – Spain

latest Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions:

2023 El 5è Element, Oficina Municipal de Turisme, Ulldecona, Tarragona, Spain
2023 Revelations, Bloom Gallery, Valencia, Spain
2022 Annual Contemporary Art Exhibition, Cervera del Maestre, Spain


Member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors (AEPE)

Elected president of Benicarló Art. Association of painters
Medal of honor to the work, painting is life, Barcelona
Dictionary artists 2014-2015 Diploma for the 57th San Isidro

AEPE Contest Diploma to V Salon of Abstract Art
AEPE Diploma in the Painter’s Palettes Contest
AEPE Diploma in the Valdepeñas Spring Salon
AEPE Salon V Diploma of drawing, engraving and illustration
AEPE Solo Virtual Art Diploma
AEPE Diploma Tribute to the painter Galdós