De Souza Gallery was formed as an extension to the artist residence and gallery, Casa del Dragon, and the European art network EL-DRAC which were established in 2007.
Our aim is to promote contemporary modern art of diverse styles and mediums.
We have a particular focus on social and environmental issues, including the local community and habitat.

Reaching out on a global level, we wish to bring the work and concepts of our artists to the attention of art collectors both private and public.
While developing a strong local presence, we support national and international exhibitions and events in collaboration with galleries and organisations that complement our program, values and goals.

To help build our program we have the assistance of two art advisors each with over 30 years experience as professors and directors of art institutions.
Currently we represent consolidated and emerging European artists of Spanish, French, German, & English nationalities based local to Cervera del Maestre and in the Valencian Community.