Atlantis mapping

atlantis – the map

The Official Inner City Map of Atlantis was exhibited for the first time as part of the social sculpture MUARCO “the exhibition in the museum in the exhibition” in the medieval Ermita de San Sebastia in the village of Cervera del Maestre (Castellon, Spain), as part of our group exhibition.
The Inner City Map is represented by 3 first artist proof multiples (1-1-1, 1-1-2, 1-1-3) in the size of series of the social sculpture artsurprise.
Each multiple shows a specific aspect of the Inner City of Atlantis. The first map is giving orientation to reach Famous Monuments. The second map shows the most important Contemporary Art Galleries and the third the Best Museums and Art Spaces.
A limited series of these first three maps will be available soon – please contact us for details.