Museo de Arte Contemporáneo
Social sculpture by Juan Petry

“La exposición en el museo en la exposición…
The exhibition in the museum in the exhibition…
Die Ausstellung im Museum in der Ausstellung…”

MUARCO – the exhibition in the museum in the exhibition, challenges the new normal in museums and public art spaces. It revisits the relationship between the visitor, artist and the cultural entity of the museum, as well as questioning the market components and traditional roles. It also explores a new normal in the narrative of the iconographic perception of the museum itself.

The artist becomes the facilitator of a creative space. The museum becomes the host of this space and the visitor becomes the artist expanding the art work. All the components together form the art work itself.

The museum transcends from a passive storage and source of academic dispute to a source of creation. The museum’s role is expanded to become a highly recommended and important creator of art work and therefore of the contemporary arts.

The connection between the visitor/co-producer of the art work and the museum also creates the foundation for a long term relationship, further establishing the museum’s important role as evaluator and guarder of society’s culture.

the exhibition in the museum in the exhibition - presentation

MUARCO is a miniaturized version of a modular exhibition space, which can contain hundreds of art works (8×5 cm art work panels) depending on its configuration. The museum is mounted on a base 60×60 cm and reaches a height of 1.80 metres. MUARCO contains a given set of art works from various artists as well as blank prefabricated certified panels ready to paint on. A visitor is invited to paint on two blank panels, then swap one of his artworks for one inside the exhibition space and store the second one in the basement of the sculpture.

MUARCO – the exhibition in the museum in the exhibition – is part of the conceptual artwork based on real physical buildings to exhibit contemporary art.

the exhibition in the museum in the exhibition - initial works

MUARCO was exhibited for the first time as part of our group exhibition in summer 2020.

(Document for decision-makers,PDF).