From the Land of St George

Group Exhibition presenting contemporary artists from Lebanon and Syria, 13 – 30 October 2022

Casa del Dragon, Calle Parras 19, Cervera del Maestre, Spain

Valencia and Lebanon are liminal places, existing on the margins of the Mediterranean. They perch on the edge, on the extremities of land and of the sea. Separated yet connected, they now collide at Casa del Dragon in the first collaboration between Bloom Gallery, Valencia and De Souza Gallery which presents a selection of emerging and established contemporary artists from Lebanon and Syria whose work both explores and transcends cultural norms. Traditional artforms are reimagined, fusing together east and west, drawing upon diverse and often conflicting influences.

Group Exhibition presenting:

Manar Ali Hassan (Lebanon)
Dzovig Arnelian (Lebanon)
Krikor Avessian (Lebanon)
Noura Bakkar (Lebanon)
Amr Fahed (Syria)
Rabih Khalil (Lebanon )
Abdulrahman Naanseh (Syria)
Joanna Raad (Lebanon)
Johnny Seeman (Syria)
Iman Toufaily (Lebanon)

13 October – 30 October 2022