Habla – Speak

Group Exhibition, March 2023
at CasadelDragon, Cervera del Maestre

De Souza Gallery is delighted to present “speak!” an exhibition that brings together works by Sonia Domenech, J Kesín, Geanina Miler, Pepe Personal, Juan Petry and Lola Tajahuerce.

Whoever speaks in times of fear wins! Communication is more important than ever. If contemporary art is a beacon, facilitating navigation near unknown shores, then it speaks to us. Art has something to say, it is its job to say something, and in its elegance lies beauty. Good art navigates within culture without pressure, is appropriated and does not resist. Contemporary art gives you the space, so use it: speak!

Each of the six artists provide a view on pressure points which confront or challenge our life as a society or on an individual level, with a view to stimulate a discussion with the audience

Through diverse and distinctive styles, their works speak out on themes that include the empowerment of women, current geopolitical confrontations, social interaction, and inner emotions.

These psychological compositions, whether abstract or figurative, painting or sculpture, pursue an intuitive connection between the physical world and our inner emotions.

25. March – 15 April 2023

Opening Reception 24. March: