Relics of Future’s Past

La Joya Gallery: Group Exhibition, 17 November – 8 December 2022

17 November – 8 December 2022

Gallery La Joya Space, Calle Quart 21, 2, Valencia

In the West, the human lifespan averages eighty to ninety years yet we live as though we are
immortal. “Relics of Future’s Past” deals with our human inability to become aware of our limited
lifespan and the consequences of our actions. We take for granted technological advancement and
believe progress is linear, it can only get better.
Not so. Recent events have ushered in notions of the apocalyptic: Covid, war,
economic crisis, fires and floods caused by climate emergency, immigration, Brexit, the greed and
corruption of big business and politicians.
In our Anthropocene age, we have the power to make or break our civilization. In this
exhibition, through a mix of media, from paint and canvas to the Metaverse and NFT’s the artists deal
with the idea of leaving things behind for future generations. What will be our Relics of Future’s Past?

Group Exhibition presenting:

Bay Backner & Adrian Martinez
Sonia Domenech
Patti Ice
Marie Julou
J. Kesin
Celia Kettle
Josie McCoy
Lauren Moffatt
Juan Petry
Jose Picazo
Magda Pintos
Francesca Ricci
M.J. Serrano

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