Surface Tension Cadiz

Surface Tension – exhibition in Sanlúcar in April 2024

The exhibition “Surface Tension” focuses on rhythm, patterns, and layers—key elements in abstract art that may seem unrelated but are intrinsically linked.
Rhythm, omnipresent in our daily lives, is evident in repeated similarities and differences, akin to a heartbeat or a wave, representing pure energy. It influences every phase of art creation, guiding expressive marks on the canvas and engaging the viewer’s eye.

Participating Artists:

Greg Bryce excels in minimalist yet evocative color choices and dynamic compositions. His works invite viewers to explore the intricate interplay of shapes and textures, pondering the subtleties of human emotions and perceptions through a captivating blend of abstract forms and harmonious colors.

J. Kesin is renowned for infusing his canvases with vibrant energy. His paintings add a dynamic dimension to the exhibition, showcasing his mastery of movement and form, and leaving a mesmerizing trail of visual poetry.

Michael Schmeja brings a meditative approach to abstraction, introducing a serene yet powerful narrative to the exhibition. His pieces create a calming sanctuary, inviting viewers to reflect and connect with the ethereal aspects of the human experience.

Exhibition Dates: 05 April 2024 – 19 April 2024

Pitijopos Gallery
Pl Infantas 42B
11540 Sanlúcar de Barrameda