The Beauty of Forgiveness

Group Exhibition
14.08. – 02.09.2021
Private View: 12.08.2021, 19h-21h

Casa del Dragon, Cervera del Maestre

Group Exhibition,

Presenting works of the following artists:

Sonia Eva Domenech
Marie Julou
J. Kesín
Celia Kettle
Juan Petry
Sibylle Werkmeister

De Souza Gallery in collaboration with the artist residence Casa del Dragon, is pleased to present “The beauty of forgiveness” an exhibition of paintings bringing together a international group of artists based in the city of Valencia and in Cervera del Maestre.

In the very private moments of forgiveness we may experience a feeling of grace and humility. Once we have forgiven the injustice, bad act or judgment, we have shown through humility our own strength, or even greatness.

What applies to an individual can also apply to groups of people, like families, communities, or whole societies. The history of Spain and of Cervera del Maestre show us examples of individual and collective forgiveness, which so often is an integral part in the processes of migration and integration.

There are always times when people are not good to other people, and again and again comes the moment of decision, but not on the side of the perpetrator. It is the moment to affirm the future and to put aside the fear. It is the moment of forgiveness, in all of its beauty.

‘The beauty of forgiveness’ shows works by artists who are connected to Cervera del Maestre and the region. Artists who see their opportunities in this region, who connect, give and express in their works what is possible when diversity is not forced into simplicity and when mutual respect forges togetherness instead of turning into confusion.

Opening Reception: 12.08.2021 19.00h -21.00h

Opening Times: Saturdays and Sundays (11hr to 14hr), or by prior appointment

Casa del Dragon, Calle Parras 19, Cervera del Maestre, Spain