EXOIT: When Healing Begins

Group Exhibition
02.04.2022. – 30.04.2022
Vernissage: 02.04.2022, 19h – 21h
Finissage: 30.04.2022 19h – 21h

Casa del Dragon, Cervera del Maestre

Group Exhibition,

Presenting works of the following artists:

Josie McCoy
Sonia Eva Domenech
Marie Julou
J. Kesín
Celia Kettle
Emilio Martinez
Juan Petry

De Souza Gallery in collaboration with CASAdelDRAGON, is pleased to present “EXOIT: When Healing Begins” an exhibition of paintings bringing together an international group of artists.

Healing processes are looking to re establish a state of equilibrium in a system that has been put out of balance. This may be on any level, from molecular to cellular, individual to sociological, global to universal.

To start the process the imbalance has to be noticed and acknowledged by the system.

In an individual or a society this is usually achieved by sensing a form of pain, and the process of healing can begin once the sources of pain and imbalance are identified.

The last few years have shown and intensified existing imbalances and created new ones, in our personal lives, in our societies and on our planet.

Art has always questioned society and its view of reality, and contemporary artists enjoy the privilege of being able to make changes tangible.

Through the eyes of the participating artists this exhibition seeks to illustrate current imbalances and possibilities of personal or collective recovery, and to encourage the start or continuation of healing processes and the move to a better balanced future.

The Inauguration

The exhibition was covered by the news station ‘Channel 56’, you can watch their story which includes a walk through by following this link:
The underlying music is by ‘Versonautas‘ who performed live at the opening of the exhibition.

02.04.2022 – 30.04.2022
Opening Reception: 02.04.2022 19.00h – 21.00h
Finissage: 30.04.2022 19.00h – 21.00h
Casa del Dragon, Calle Parras 19, Cervera del Maestre, Spain