Greg Bryce


Greg Bryce, Fine Artist, Designer, and Landscape Architect is based in Valencia and Edinburgh, and specialises in the realms of painting, drawing, site-specific installations, and environmental interventions.
His work is an exploration of the human sensory experience and a fundamental examination of the physical world. The artist moves within the concepts of chaos, infinity, and the deceptive nature of our senses, seeking to reconcile the disparities between our first-hand encounters and the microscopic and quantum dimensions.
In the area of two-dimensional art, the artist employs personally crafted styles that endow colours and forms with a potent representational quality. He employs a distinct, individual language and unique expressive techniques through the use of knives and heavy oil mediums.
Sculptural creations emerge as direct responses to the surrounding environment, often fleeting and ephemeral in nature. Above all, congruity, both in concept and material, stands as a pivotal element in every artistic endeavour. His artistic portfolio also encompasses kinetic, sound, and performance art.
This multi-disciplined artist firmly believes in the necessity of an adaptable approach. Each unique concept and environment necessitates the exploration of new artistic mediums and a fresh realm of creative thinking.
Exhibitions and on site responses have taken place widely in the UK and in several venues across mainland Europe and Scandinavia.

Available Works:

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