Elizabeth Hefty-Khoury


Elizabeth Hefty-Khoury, originally from London and currently residing in Valencia, Spain, is an artist and writer with a rich academic background. She earned an MFA in Fine Art – Painting from the Art Institute, California, and an MA in Welsh/Celtic Studies from the University of Wales.
Fuelled by a deep passion for history and literature,her body of work is marked by a compelling narrative structure. She blends elements of comparative mythology and poetry while critically examining cultural dichotomies and conflicts, reflecting her own diverse cultural identity. Her particular focus lies in scrutinizing the commonalities and disparities within Northern European and Middle Eastern myths, legends, and symbols.
The recurring theme in Elizabeth’s creative endeavours revolves around the past and its reinterpretation in the contemporary context. This theme draws not only from theoretical foundations but also from her personal experiences. Her recent projects encompass a fusion of drawing and writing, reimagining obscure Celtic symbols within the framework of modern feminism, and embarking on a visual and literary journey through the streets of Beirut.

Available Works:

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