J. Kesín


Kesín’s body of work is a kaleidoscope of his individual perception of the world.
His subjects, ranging from autobiographical and sociocultural musings to general concepts, are deconstructed and reassembled on the canvas into a captivating interplay of colour, form, and texture.
Drawing on ideas from early abstraction, cubism and constructivism, as well as inspiration from the concept of simultaneity and Hodgkin’s associative abstraction, his paintings are a mesmerising fusion of influences.
Kesín’s life has been a journey of exploration, from his native Germany to the UK and Spain, and further afield to Russia and Uzbekistan. Through his early self-taught studies, a degree in cultural studies and later coaching by renowned lecturer and artist Sibylle Werkmeister, he is able to bring a unique and multifaceted perspective to his art.


Series ‘Konstrukt’:

The works of the series ‘Konstrukt’ draw inspiration from fields like architecture and civil engineering. They show imaginary materials and structures in a degree of (dis-) assembly.
The utilisation of transparency facilitates a greater comprehension of the constituent elements, but also questions the permanence of these structures, hinting at the transience even of supposedly concrete and durable physical as well as social constructs.

Available Works:

Series ‘City Limits’:

Kesin started work on the series ‘City Limits’ while still working on ‘Konstrukt’. The imaginary architectural and constructional layers of ‘Konstrukt’ paved a path for a more figurative approach, in which the layers again start to carry more individual meaning. The theme revolves around cities in moments of crisis. Kesin’s process for ‘City Limits’ starts with research on the historical background and choosing photographs. Through alienation of these images and the use of additional layers and elements, the works aim to reach beyond the moments captured in the original photos, to issues of the present day.

Available Works:

Series ‘Future Relics’:

The first works of the ‘Future Relics’ series were presented at the exhibition ‘The Beauty of Forgiveness’ in August 2021. They showcase artefacts of our culture’s relationship with animals; like cages, egg cartons, and weapons, with shapes and symbols overlaid. These images were conceived from the perspective of a hypothetical future society that has long consigned the use of animal products to its history books, prompting speculation about their reflection on our present-day practices of animal production and utilisation.

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Series ‘Stripes’ and ‘Horizons’:

The series ‘Stripes’ comprises abstract representations of the artist’s perception of different subjects. ‘Panther’, a visualisation of Rilke’s poem was the starting point of the series and initiated Kesin’s desire to explore the possibilities of combining different layers and aspects of a subject into one cohesive painting. Kesin uses various layering techniques and the compositions of this series are dominated by vertical lines / stripes.
Subsequent works in this series have been concerned with places and times that had a significant meaning for the artist. Here the different layers may represent facets like landscape, architecture, people, history, events….
The series ‘Horizons’ focuses more on current affairs and general concepts. The constraints of the strong vertical orientation give way to less uniform compositions, and more emphasis is placed on the application of thin, transparent layers.

Available Works ‘Stripes’:

Available Works ‘Horizons’:

Available Individual Works:

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