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J. Kesin, a contemporary artist from Germany, embarks on an artistic journey that unveils his unique perception of the world. His body of work is a captivating tapestry, where an array of subjects springs to life on the canvas through his use of layers, colour and form.

Kesin’s artistic repertoire is diverse, spanning from autobiographical reflections to sociocultural explorations, and from abstract concepts to universal themes. What distinguishes his art is his talent for deconstructing and reassembling these subjects, creating an interplay of visual elements that engage the viewer.

Subjects are often divided into ‘components,’ each connected to different aspects such as points in time, protagonists, emotions, or the physical world. These components are then represented on the canvas through layers. His artistic process involves a blend of analysis, emotion, and spontaneity—a continuous dialogue with the evolving painting. This approach results in a rich tapestry of visual storytelling that invites viewers to look for their own personal interpretation within the artwork.

Influences include the period of early abstraction, especially analytical cubism and it’s idea of simultaneity, and the epistemological concept of radical constructivism. These influences converge with the concept of ‘associative abstraction’, a term linked especially to the work of Howard Hodgkin.

Kesin’s life has been a testament to a spirit of exploration and discovery. Born in Germany, his journey has taken him across the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia and Uzbekistan. Along the way, he engaged in self-guided artistic studies, laying the groundwork for his artistic pursuits. His academic path further enriched his perspective, as he obtained a degree in cultural studies, offering him deeper insights into the sociocultural forces that shape our world. The guidance of the esteemed lecturer and artist, Sibylle Werkmeister further refined his artistic sensibilities.

He has exhibited in galleries and public spaces in Spain and his works form part of private and institutional collections throughout Europe.


Series ‘Mindscapes’:

Utilising a layered technique and incorporating patterns reminiscent of camouflage designs, the paintings in the ‘Mindscapes’ series are concerned with themes related to identity, social interaction, and psychological concepts.

From unconscious impression management to deliberate manipulation and deception, the larger artwork, titled “The Illusionist,” grapples with the question of an individual’s authenticity within social contexts.

In the majority of the smaller pieces, the extent of patterned areas on the canvas signifies an individual’s psychological spectrum or domain, while other layers may reflect situational aspects. Shapes and figures predominantly emerge through the use of outlines or negative space. They represent the aspect of the pattern ‘in use’ at a particular moment, offering a snapshot of the individual’s state of mind rather than a physical presence.

Available Works:

Series ‘City Limits’:

Kesin’s series ‘City Limits’ revolves around cities in moments of crisis. The process for ‘City Limits’ starts with research on the historical background and choosing photographs. Through alienation of these images and the use of additional layers and elements, the works aim to reach beyond the moments captured in the original photos, to issues of the present day.

Available Works:

Series ‘Future Relics’:

The first works of the ‘Future Relics’ series were presented at the exhibition ‘The Beauty of Forgiveness’ in August 2021. They showcase artefacts of our culture’s relationship with animals; like cages, egg cartons, and weapons, with shapes and symbols overlaid. These images were conceived from the perspective of a hypothetical future society that has long consigned the use of animal products to its history books, prompting speculation about their reflection on our present-day practices of animal production and utilisation.

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Series ‘Stripes’ and ‘Horizons’:

The series ‘Stripes’ comprises abstract representations of the artist’s perception of different subjects. ‘Panther’, a visualisation of Rilke’s poem was the starting point of the series and initiated Kesin’s desire to explore the possibilities of combining different layers and aspects of a subject into one cohesive painting. Kesin uses various layering techniques and the compositions of this series are dominated by vertical lines / stripes.
Subsequent works in this series have been concerned with places and times that had a significant meaning for the artist. Here the different layers may represent facets like landscape, architecture, people, history, events….
The series ‘Horizons’ focuses more on current affairs and general concepts. The constraints of the strong vertical orientation give way to less uniform compositions, and more emphasis is placed on the application of thin, transparent layers.

Available Works ‘Stripes’:

Available Works ‘Horizons’:

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