J. Kesín


The artist J. Kesín was born in Germany. He has an MA in Cultural Studies and has lived the larger part of his adult life in the UK and Spain. He also spent extended periods of time in Russia and Uzbekistan in the years following the break up of the Soviet Union.

Originally self taught and experimenting with different techniques over the years, he has spent the last couple of years training formally, and is now fully concentrating on his art.

His current work is influenced amongst others by the earlier period of abstraction and artists like Kupka and his ‘verticals’, and by abstract expressionism. Kesin usually works with different layers, sometimes involving colour fields, yet usually with a strong graphic, sometimes geometric aspect.

The ongoing ‘Stripes’ series is an attempt at creating personal manifestations of different subjects. This is achieved by applying a number of layers, each partly covering the layers beneath and each representing different aspects of the subject. In case of a poem, a text or a concept this may be in a sequential form through the layers. In case of something physical like a place this might include for example layers representing landscape, architecture, people, markets, events…. but all through the lens of personal memory, encounters, thoughts and emotions. The choice of colours and their application is partly deliberate and analytical and partly intuitive. The application is mainly limited to vertical strokes and stripes, but some additional graphic elements may be used. The finished painting is an abstract representation of the artist’s perception of the subject.


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