J. Kesín


The artist J. Kesín was born in Germany. He has an MA in Cultural Studies and has lived the larger part of his adult life in the UK and Spain. He also spent extended periods of time in Russia and Uzbekistan in the years following the break-up of the Soviet Union.

Originally self-taught, he later studied painting under Sibylle Werkmeister.

Kesín creates abstract manifestations of his perception of different subjects. These have a wide range, from the autobiographical to literature, general concepts and current affairs.
In many cases, the subject is deconstructed into ‘components’ which are then represented on a painting by separate layers. The layers interplay, some may only show through in small areas, some may get lost altogether with only some texture remaining visible.

His work is influenced amongst others by the earlier period of abstraction and the ideas of cubism and constructivism, by Gerhard Richter and by Howard Hodgkin’s associative abstraction.


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