Sandi Goodwin


Sandi Goodwin, an exceptionally prolific and devoted artist, is a master of crafting vibrant chaos in her creations, manifesting an idiosyncratic and ever-evolving visual train of thought. Her artistic identity is uniquely characterised by an audacious and distinct approach to colour, an unapologetic celebration of individual interpretation, and a quest to inspire viewers to explore their own creativity within the tapestry of her art.
With an unwavering commitment to exploration, Sandi’s artistic journey is a dynamic one, ceaselessly embracing new techniques and forms. Her work is a living canvas that gracefully dances between the realms of pure abstraction and more measured compositions of form.
Originally from London, Goodwin now calls Valencia, Spain her home, and regularly exhibits both locally and internationally. Her illustrations have graced the pages of prestigious publications such as the Huffington Post, and she has also authored a captivating book, chronicling her artistic journey during the pandemic lockdown.

Available Works:

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