Michael Schmeja


Michael Schmeja, a native of Melbourne, discovered his artistic calling at a young age, setting him on a lifelong path of creative expression. His artistic journey commenced with the attainment of a Diploma of Visual Art in 2000, followed by a dedicated pursuit of knowledge through a Bachelor of Fine Art, with a focus on Drawing, at The Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. Since then, Michael has consistently demonstrated unwavering passion and commitment as an exhibiting artist.
The vibrantly creative city of Melbourne is where Michael developed as an artist, creating and exhibiting works that were, and continue to be, based on the abstract. Oil, acrylic and mixed media are his primary means of expression. Michael’s deep-seated fascination with both natural, often figurative, and architectural forms significantly influences his continuously developing style of multi-layered abstraction.
During three years at Blender Studios (Melbourne), working among influential, local urban artists, Michael became heavily influenced by Melbourne’s dynamic street scene. It was the imagery of work over work, line over line that attracted him to this growing, creative epidemic in the city.
Upon arrival in Valencia in 2016, again he found himself working in an influential studio space – this time, alongside Spanish, and other European fine and urban artists.
Michael continues to live and create in Valencia, with regular visits to his home and studio in Melbourne.

Available Works:

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