Artworks – The Fifth Element

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Francesca Ricci

Tabula Impressa – series “Apocriphisms”
All works are image transfer and egg tempera on board, 14×16 cm, 2013
Texts by Kiril Bozhino
480€ each

(displayed on stone walls)

Tabula Impressa  is an installation of mixed media works on paper, board, canvas and textile, and a video-work . All the pieces are part of a composite visual project started by Francesca Ricci  in 2011 as an ongoing joint venture with writer Kiril Bozhinov.
The artworks, realised in different techniques, have as a base a collection of signs, photographed on the streets and pavements of London. These marks, pointing to impending maintenance works, are deprived of their functional meaning and become the source of a new code and system of interpretation.
Composed of several bodies of works, Tabula Impressa is inspired by what Jung described as ‘collective unconscious’: a concept that sees man not born as a blank canvas (tabula rasa) but carrying in his subconscious elements from a communal, ancestral background. A panorama of archetypes is layered upon personal and collective history and generates a universe of signs and symbols that can overlap across centuries, cultures and fields of human knowledge.
In the series Apocriphisms, a set of small size egg-tempera icons accompanied by a description, this new alphabet is implemented to decipher some visual compositions as encountered and photographed on the pavement. The result is a constellation of intimate, enigmatic objects for personal mediation.

Geanina Miler

Destello, oil on canvas, 162x114cm, 1950€
(displayed on easel)

This painting from the series “The Expressiveness of Colour” is a captivating exploration of the inner workings of the human spirit. Through a vivid and energetic use of colour, the artist has captured the dynamism and exuberance of the emotion within. The brushstrokes are short and forceful, imbuing the painting with strength and life.
The painting conveys a sense of evolution, as if the viewer is being taken on a journey through the depths of the human psyche. The colours reflect the intensity and complexity of the emotional experience. The composition is bold and dynamic, suggesting the ever-changing nature of emotion and its ability to surprise and delight.

Marie Julou (aka Tina McCallan)

The House of Astatine 85, mixed media on canvas, 62x53cm, 2023, 920€
The House of Bismuth 83,
mixed media on canvas, 62x53cm, 2023, 920€
The House of Indium 49
, mixed media on canvas, 66x55cm, 2023, 970€

(displayed on white wall)

Marie Julou’s latest series of paintings, The Elements, is a captivating exploration of the materiality of paint. Through a process of sprinkling and pouring, Julou creates works that are as poetic as their titles.
These works focus on the colours of the corresponding elements: blue, pink, and orange, and are inspired by a trip to Pompei in Naples.

Julou’s process of making is more akin to casting a spell than making a painting, as she combines glitter, pigment, granules of burnt walnut shell, iridescent ink, and varnish to create a controlled randomness. This meditative process is crucial to the work, as each painting has its own archaeology, a history of colours and marks buried under the final layer.

The Elements series is a combination of Formalism, a Feminist sensibility, and Buddhist concepts of conditionality and impermanence. Julou emphasises the surface flatness of the canvas while aiming to evoke a sense of the sublime or wonder, creating in the viewer a state of mind where the ego is quietened for a split second.

Josie McCoy

Billie Eilish

(displayed on white wall)


Moonlight Ripples, 2022, oil on canvas, 100x81cm, 1270€
All the Sunsets,
2021, oil on canvas, 100x81cm, not for sale
Constellation Shift
, 2022, oil on canvas, 100x81cm, 1270€

(displayed on white wall)

Kesin’s works on display delve into the depths of light, time, and cosmic forces. They are composed of many thin, translucent layers of various hues, playing to the idea of the different layers originating from and also representing different times.

‘All the Sunsets’ is a tapestry of lines and rectangles, of horizons and suns, a multitude of different combinations of time and place. The further back the layer, the more distant the horizon in time, the more hidden the sun, a seemingly never-ending cycle of sunsets.

Similarly, the numerous horizontals of ‘Moonlight Ripples’ can be interpreted as individual water horizons, simultaneously representing an array of possible locations and points in time. We may see ‘moonlight’ reflected off a puddle or an ocean, dinosaurs may be close by or humanity might be floating past on risen seas.

‘Constellation Shift’ reflects on the ever-changing nature of the universe. Its layers represent the subtle shifts in time and space that are often overlooked. A reminder that even seemingly insignificant changes can have a profound impact on our lives and on our planet.

Installations and sculptures:

Sonia Domenech

“The Beat of Water – Delving into the I Ching”

The installation seeks to capture the spirit of healing that we all possess. Water plays an essential role in our bodies and in the composition of the planet and has the power to cleanse and heal. Through tears, our emotions are purified and released onto our skin. Here, emotions are expressed through different colours, with each ball of ice being a different hue. When all the colours are combined, the range of emotions that can be connected to certain colours is revealed.
The ice balls symbolise stagnant emotions that, with the help of the sun’s warmth, but also through tenderness, understanding, and attentive listening, can be released and transformed into something new. In this case, it will be a canvas coloured by the drips of water. Each colour holds its own image of the stored emotions and sensations within our hearts.

Celia K e t t l e

Between Us, Found Plastic Bottles on Canvas. 66 x 81 cm. (x3), 500€ each
Sun Bleached Blue,
Acrylic on paper on plastic advertisement for Pepsi Max, 1100€
Cascada Tejido

Water, a vital component of life, is under immense threat from pollution. Discarded plastic bottles and bags often end up in the ocean, where they break down into microplastics and contaminate the water we drink and the fish we eat.
Kettle’s artworks on show all use plastic collected from beaches and urban areas to draw attention to this issue. ‘Between Us’ is a canvas with peepholes that encourages us to look within ourselves for solutions.
‘Sun Bleached Blue’ is painted on a Pepsi Max advert found on the street, and its dribbled lines of paint represent the action of the sun and the waves on the blue plastic bags found on the beach.
‘Cascada Tejido’ is made from found plastic sewn together with threads from discarded fishing nets, highlighting the fact that fishing nets make up half of the plastic contamination in our oceans, and are a major contributor to the extinction of marine life.

​​Elena Martí

Air and Posidonia oceanica

Posidonia oceanica, or Neptune Grass is an endemic aquatic plant of the Mediterranean. It forms underwater meadows that have a notable ecological importance. Posidonia meadows can release up to 20 litres of oxygen to the ecosystem per day and square metre. On the beaches it is found in the form of fibre balls composed of dry leaves and drag materials that form with the waves, a small work of art created by nature.
“We moved the posidonia to the studio, we decontextualised it, we rearranged it.”
The installation reflects on the disappearance and regression of these meadows, a symptom of the poor health of our seas due to pollution, construction of coastal works, dikes and other barriers which modify the level of sediment in the sea. Likewise, it invites us to more generally reflect on the intervention of man in nature.
Man’s actions leave their mark, creating new landscapes.

Michael Ley

Installation with different prints (please ask about individual prices)

This thought-provoking installation is a powerful reminder of our connection to nature. A sculpture of a tree stands tall, its branches reaching out to the sky. Hanging from the tree are prints that represent the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Each element symbolises a different aspect of nature, and together they create a powerful visual reminder of our interconnectedness with the natural world. The installation invites viewers to contemplate the beauty and fragility of our planet, and to reflect on our responsibility to protect it.

Juan Petry

“I am so sorry…”
Installation with typewriter, ‘artsurprise’ machine and different works

In a world of increasing fragmentation and exclusion, it is time to remember the power of asking for forgiveness. This social art installation invites visitors to explore this concept through a unique experience. In a room dedicated to the power of the four elements, a typewriter awaits, giving visitors the chance to write a letter of apology. Art itself, the fifth element, provides the opportunity to make a meaningful gesture of reconciliation. Come and explore the power of forgiveness in this moving installation.

Isabel Serrano

Mayan Altar

Visitors to Serano’s ‘Mayan Altar’ are invited to explore the spiritual and cultural significance of the four elements – earth, air, fire, and water. Through the altar, visitors can experience the power of the elements and the connection between the Heart of Earth and the Heart of Heaven. The altar is a symbol of giving and receiving, and its construction, the offerings, the distribution, and accompanying music and dance are all representations of the Tzeltal culture. By engaging with the altar, visitors may gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual and cultural significance the four elements used to have.

Rosa Soriano

‘Everything is transformed’
Textile and ceramic binding / steel wheel
170x80x15 cm approx.

This installation is crafted using primarily recycled materials, with the exception of ceramic pieces. The four elements of earth, water, fire and air are integral to the manufacturing, use and disposal of these materials, while their colours, shapes and sounds seem to bring us closer to them and to nature. The fifth element here relates to the human transformation. Although human intervention can have positive effects, since modern times it often has more negative consequences, which can disrupt the natural balance that has been in place for millions of years.

Rolf Habel

“Use Yourself”
Installation with dish towels
printed 2023 6/18

The installation encourages us to take a break from the mundane and instead pursue our passions and dreams. It reminds us that we are in control of our lives and have the power to make a positive change.

“Only you can change
Only you can make it better for yourself
Only you really know yourself
Only you have yourself in your hand
Only you are your king
Only you know your goal
Only you can go your way
Only you are yours”

Renate Brändlein

Brändlein’s work is a captivating exploration of the unexpected. Through the re-use of found, used and destroyed materials, she creates sculptures that are imbued with new life and purpose. The four pieces on display are a testament to her desire to uncover the beauty of the materials and colours, each representing one of the four elements. Together, they form an impressive exhibition of the power of transformation.